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Long-lasting, custom, and professionally- installed flooring solutions for every project.

From hotels and restaurants to residential developments and office spaces, we create market-leading and custom ACCS Graded flooring solutions that showcase style under every step. 

ACCS graded carpets

ACCS graded carpets Our carpeting products meet the strict requirements set out by the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS). With a wide range of high-quality suppliers, we can deliver carpets that are durable and made from high-quality materials, from high-traffic, hard-wearing carpeting to plush, luxurious options that elevate the space.

High-quality vinyl

High-quality vinyl Waterproof, stylish, and available in any texture or design, vinyl flooring creates a durable yet exceptionally elegant aesthetic in any space, from restaurants and offices to residential spaces. Our team ensures that you get exactly what you want in terms of quality and sophistication, with professional installation to match.

Engineered timber

Engineered timber Refined, timeless, and durable, engineered wood flooring delivers a sustainable and practical flooring solution with outstanding performance. Made with high quality timber and customised to your exact finish requirements, our engineered wood flooring is installed to deliver elegant and lasting results.

Custom flooring

Custom flooring Not seeing exactly what you want from a flooring solution or product? Our team of flooring specialists will create it. With us, you can create any texture, finish, or style to your exact specifications. Combined with our professional flooring installation process, we’ll deliver the highest standard of custom flooring to showcase your project.



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